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Holk Master-class offers educational film series, books, lectures and online teaching systems. Together with our high-profile partner universities we design, develop and implement innovative online courses and programs connecting theory and practice. The company is founded by associated professor, author and producer Benjamin Holk Henriksen (also known for The mind of a leader).

In many cases academic business books are disconnected from reality focusing on theories behind theories that have gone out of fashion. However other methods involving film and digital media have proven extremely efficient as a mean to bring more practice in to the learning experience.

“Holk Master-class, ABC of Strategy, Marketing & Communications” is a modern encyclopedia connecting theory and practice. A teaching system enabling industry professionals or students in bachelors, undergraduate, or master programs, to accelerate in their learning experience and reach their goals.

48 film episodes and book chapter topics divided into 8 parts: Strategic planning and branding I + II, Communication campaign development, Media activation, Digital marketing and social media, Global management, HR management and innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

It features graphic strategic models and descriptions, followed by interviews with acclaimed entrepreneurs, CEO’s, industry professionals and professors. Learn from companies like IKEA, Carlsberg, Trustpilot, Joe & The juice, Mikkeller, Ole Henriksen skincare, David & Goliath advertising, Red Cross and many more.

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General impact of video learning:

“93% said video has had a positive impact on student satisfaction.”

“76% say it has the benefit of increasing student retention rates.”

Kaltura’s annual State of Video in

Education report.

“77% of U.S. companies offer online training as a way to improve their employee’s professional development.”