40 + Episodes

Mission & Vision

Target group

Stakeholder - & Issue management


Reflection on the Marketing Mix 

Brand equity and Brand extension

Reflections on the SWOT analysis

Strategic Planning

Agency positions and the creative brief   

Aristotle’s Modes of persuasion 


Push Pull strategy

Community Marketing

Product Placement

Cross Promotion

Big data

Customer journey mapping

Social media & viral marketing

Paid, owned, Earned media

Barriers to entry

Centralization & Decentralization

Career Planning

Leadership & job motivation

Code of conduct and CSR

Business innovation

Reflection on Lean

Entrepreneurship: From idea to action

The basis for entrepreneurship

Managing investors and growth

And much more...

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Holk Master-class offers educational film, books and online course development. Watch the episodes before class as flip-the-class-room, in class as basis for discussion, or as inspiration. Each topic is about 15 minutes in duration. Tailor made for individual learning or classroom interaction.

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And many more...